Ducati Hypermotard 939 for rent

The Z800 is the ultimate average displacement. It has the style and DNA typical of big Kawasaki roadsters
The creation of a champion
From the first ideas to the final production, the creation of the Z800 has always been motivated by evolution. At the cutting edge of the contemporary design of roadsters of large displacement, the Z800 also reflects 4 decades of inheritance. Join us for an unforgettable journey of discovery.
The new Z800 has further improved mass centralization, suspension tuning and braking quality to create an ultra-efficient machine capable of competing with any other machine in the segment.
  • PriceFrom 3900 THB
  • BrandDucati
  • ModelHypermotard 939

Rental length
1 day 3900 THB
3 days 11000 THB
5 days 16000 THB
1 week 21000 THB
10 days 31000 THB
2 weeks 39000 THB
3 weeks 52000 THB
1 month 66000 THB