Honda Cbf 500cc for rent

Quick start, sporty style, racing DNA: experience an instant connection with the road on the new CB500F.
All you need to do is turn on the ignition and the super-agile chassis of the CB500F will take you from one street corner to the next, giving you total control of your mount. In addition to its new body and improved performance, the CB500F is equipped with a 500cc inline two-cylinder engine that will make you smile at every thrill.
  • PriceFrom 1400 THB
  • BrandHonda
  • ModelCbf 500cc

Rental length
1 day 1400 THB
3 days 4000 THB
5 days 6500 THB
1 week 9000 THB
10 days 12000 THB
2 weeks 15000 THB
3 weeks 21000 THB
1 month 26000 THB