YAMAHA X MAX 300 for rent

XMAX 300
Designed in true TMAX spirit, the XMAX 300 combines the style, performance and premium quality of a maxi scooter with the convenience and affordability of a mid-size scooter.
Equipped with a bike-type fork for added stability, the compact chassis combines agility and sportiness with first-class comfort. The powerful and efficient new Blue Core engine delivers the performance you need for day-to-day journeys or week-end rides.

With its new saddle and high-quality LCD dashboard, LED dual-optical headlamp, and characteristic MAX styling, the XMAX 300 is a high-end sports scooter that lets you combine the useful with the nice and meet all your needs. Move smart, fast and MAX.
  • PriceFrom 1800 THB
  • BrandYAMAHA
  • ModelX MAX 300

Rental length
1 day 1800 THB
3 days 5000 THB
5 days 8000 THB
1 week 11000 THB
10 days 15000 THB
2 weeks 20000 THB
3 weeks 29000 THB
1 month 38000 THB