Ducati Monster 797 White for rent

Ducati introduces the new Monster 797, the essence of the Monster and the Ducati values finally within reach of all. Sporty, compact and sleek, but also sophisticated and contemporary, the Monster 797 embodies all the values of the Monster and represents the gateway to the Ducati universe. Everything about the Monster 797 is reminiscent of the icon of the 1990s, reinterpreted to the taste of the day: from the tank to the tubular chassis, passing by the air-cooled twin engine and the circular lighthouse.
With the Monster 797, the Ducati Design Center has built a sporty and compact motorcycle with a fresh and dynamic design that embodies all the Monster's own values. The tank represents the style of the Monster in its pure state. Both elegant and muscular, this motorcycle is equipped with a hook for fixing on the front part, exactly like the Monster of 1993. The lighthouse, always circular in shape, has been updated to the current one equipped this icon "naked" since its origins.
On the Monster 797, the frame is not only a component of the structure, but a real design element as such. Made in one piece from the pipes to the tail, it integrates the traditional handles for the passenger. The same concept is found in the air-cooled Desmodue twin, whose cooling fins are directly inspired by the spirit of the first generation of Monster.
  • PriceFrom 2900 THB
  • BrandDucati
  • ModelMonster 797 White

Rental length
1 day 2900 THB
3 days 8000 THB
5 days 12000 THB
1 week 16000 THB
10 days 21000 THB
2 weeks 28000 THB
3 weeks 36000 THB
1 month 41000 THB