Kawasaki Ninja 250 for rent

A simple look at the Ninja 250R reveals a style and quality that put it at the top of its class. The Ninja 250R is a true bargain. The full fairing provides excellent wind protection against the wind.
With its gently sloping saddle and wide handlebars raised, the Ninja 250R offers a very natural riding position. The special care given to the driver interface / machine speaks into the pleasant feel of the contactors. The fuel tank is designed so that your knees fit into it perfectly.
  • PriceFrom 1200 THB
  • BrandKawasaki
  • ModelNinja 250

Rental length
1 day 1200 THB
3 days 3300 THB
5 days 5500 THB
1 week 7400 THB
10 days 10000 THB
2 weeks 13000 THB
3 weeks 18000 THB
1 month 24000 THB